Our mission is to improve the well-being of bi+ people across Sydney

About us

Sydney Bi+ Network (SBN) are a volunteer-run, grassroots organisation dedicated to improving the well-being of bi+ people across Sydney.  We are committed to intersectional frameworks, community-based, person-centred, and evidence based approaches across all of our work. 

What we do



The majority of understandings about the LGBTQIA+ community stems from information about lesbian and gay experiences.  We seek to increase understandings of bi+ experiences and use this information to improve bi+ inclusion in services, programming, and policies.  



Bi+ issues are unique and distinct from broader LGBTQIA+ experiences.  Bi-erasure and biphobia commonly influence experiences that bi+ people have.  The Sydney Bi+ Network seeks to provide education that breaks down stigmas, myths, and misconceptions. 

Community Building


Building community for bi+ people is crucial.   This means we aim to create bi+ specific spaces, where people have an opportunity to strengthen connections with one another and share stories about their lived experiences.  



Brand Development

Many thanks to Woolf Communications for developing our brand identity. You are legends.